Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Inspiration from Malaysian Young Millionaire, Linda Onn

Linda Onn, 33, restaurateur and celebrity

SHE never realised she had made her first million until she had spent it, or rather, invested it.

"It was just last year. It was a bit of a surprise because I didn't realise I had that much money," said the 33-year-old.

To think that she started off as an office administrator with a salary of just RM700 a month 11 years ago. Linda Onn has definitely come a long way.

"Since young, I've never been a big spender. I saved at least 50 per cent of every pay cheque I got and because I was so careful with my money, some friends called me a 'cheapskate'."

When she got TV offers and became a spokesperson for various products, her savings grew. In fact, it grew to such a point that six years ago, Linda didn't know what to do with her money.

"So I decided to go into business and open up a family restaurant because my parents had the experience and most of my family cook well."

As her career in the entertainment industry took off (she deejays, acts and hosts various radio and TV programmes), her investment into the restaurant business also bore fruit.

Linda Onn with one of her restaurant

From only one in 2004, she is now the proud owner of five restaurants. Her success, however, came at a price.

"When you're a celebrity, there are people who will talk and create stories about you to get you down. I was called a coward when I didn't turn up for an international event. Actually, I had a wardrobe issue. There has also been a lot of gossip about my love life."

At the height of such unhappy incidents, she thought of leaving the entertainment field. "Just get married and get lost. But then I realised I should not feel down because whether I'm doing good or bad, people will still talk about me. I managed to stay strong and persevered because of my family, friends and loyal fans."

Has she managed to achieve all that she set out to do?

Linda Onn's bungalow

"I dreamt of having a house with a pool and automatic gates and me coming home in a big car. I've got them all, so yeah.

"True success, however, is being able to walk into a designer boutique and buy stuff without looking at the price tag. Being careful as always, I still look at the price tag. Maybe after this, I'll just go in and buy whatever I want."

Her recipe to success? "Count on yourself, save and invest."

Source : www.nst.com.my