Saturday, October 23, 2010

How She Makes a Million

Datin Clara Chee, 67, founder and chairperson of Clara International Beauty Group featured in Personal Money magazine November 2008 to share her succsess story. Her mother is one of her inspiration. Her mother used to say, 'Don't just be a homemaker like me. Look at your successful cousins and be professional like them'. Chee was inspired by her father's work in sundry shop too. She invested in education, pursued medicinal and cosmetic product technology education in UK.

In 1997, she set up her first beauty salon with RM20,000 loan she and her spouse managed to get from Credit Guarantee Corporation. She set up a beauty academy in 1979. She said: "Our business succeeded because we have scientific evidence to back up our case studies. We understand what products we are using and what methods can be used to treat certain skins problem. Word-of-mouth help spread the result we achieved."

Today, Clara International Beauty Group has more than 50 beauty centres in the country and overseas, including China and India. "My whole life is about education. Without it, it's impossible to win the hearts of others," she says.

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