Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to Get Student Travel Discounts

We all thought that senior citizens were the only class of citizens that got these types of discounts but we're wrong. Students can save a lot of money when it comes to travelling the world and it's actually not that hard to save. All it requires is a little bit of your time and research and you'll have a deal in no time.

1. Student Travel ID Cards

Student discount cards like the ISIC can save you on discounts from places around the world. A simple flash of the card can get you discounts at places like the movies, restaurants, and many other places. Applying for the card couldn't be easier! Remember that when you do apply for the card that you ask around everywhere you go, you'll be surprised on how many places actually accept the card. Visit Myisic to look at the many places you can save at.

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2. Airfare
The next time you fly, make sure you don't purchase tickets at a regular price. Instead, check out websites for the student sections. There are countless websites online that cater to students and flying the great blue skies. When it comes to flying, students can sometimes save more than fifty percent.

3. Trains
If your college campus is near a train station or you plan on riding a train in the near future, once again, make sure that you plan on looking for a student discount before you purchase your train ticket. Just like the airlines, you can save a load of money just for being a college student.

4. Bus

By now, I've probably listed every method of transportation out there but hopefully you get the clue by now. No matter what you use to get around the world, there are student discounts. So, if you're paying full price for any ticket out there and you're a student, you really need to look into student discounts around the internet. There are so many ways to save on travel.

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So the next time you're looking to book that trip around the globe, make sure you get that discount because if you don't, you're blowing money you shouldn't.

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