Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10 Dont's To Save Money For Wedding

Wedding Hall of my friend wedding, Melissa

1. Corporate sponsoring - Try incorporating the sponsors, using product placement, and advertising in your wedding vows. It's real easy and can earn you some big bucks. Try it now: "Samantha, I've loved you ever since the day we met at Mc Donald's, enjoying their new tasty Angus Burgers, on sale now for a limited time, only $2.99 if you use the coupons inside page 3 of your wedding programs."

2. Hint the Bride to Selling Her Wedding Dress or, for the more experienced grooms, sell the dress and never mention it. Hey, why do you even want to keep it? You're never going to get married again, are or you?

3. Pot luck - In this wedding saving money tip we challenge you to channel the spirit of your guests. Share in the conglomerate dishes of over 20 kinds of Mac and Cheese and endless varieties of Shake and Bake creations.

Down the aisle, my friend Melissa and husband

4. Monday morning wedding This wedding saving money tip is common knowledge by now. Everyone knows you can save money with a Sunday wedding service. Think about how much money you would save if you got married at 6am on a Monday morning--you could provide toasted Eggo's, a cereal bar with family size box of Corn Flakes, and Instant Cofee--The best part is by the time you reach your reception you'll get the lunch specials!

Lovely couple, Jonfret and Melissa

5. Go exploring on your honeymoon. Backyard exploring.
After fishing out a couple pennies on your wedding, you'd be a dummy to spend a couple hundred on an elegant vacation. Stay with the trend: Visit your local Wal-mart buy two microscopes and explorer hats and meet your partner in your backyard. Wow! You never knew so much stuff was going on back here.

My dear friend, Jacq and husband

6. No need for make up or spas
Think of what really counts the most. Remember the number one saying for appreciating the un-aesthetic: What really counts the most is inner-beauty. And you'd love your bride no matter what she looks like right? Make a bold statement and share this with the world.

7. Bring Your own Food, and something to drink too.
Don't be an impolite host, you don't know what your guest like to drink, and you wouldn't want to make them drink something you don't like, so why not just let them choose for themselves? Put out the memo "Bring your finest bottles of wine!"

8. Marry using Skype or better yet Twitter
It's free, it's easy, and it's so fun. With this wedding saving money tip, you'll double your guest and savings. Before beginning the service though, you'll want to help your ordained minister create a twitter account. Think about it how many people are following you and not to mention your fiance, and you can have your guest sign in on a facebook fan page. Physical weddings are a thing of the past, Social Media Wedding is what's happening now.
My friend, Rozita and hubby

9. Who needs a photographer?
Why spend $2,000 on a photographer, when all your friends have iphones. With this wedding saving money tip you could save thousands. Do you want to save even more money, use the sketch artist the courts use, They're great at capturing intense moments.

Cutie flower girls and boy ring serve on my friend, Joyce's wedding
10. Pass the Hat Around
Even better call the Hat the $100 dollar hat so your guests get the idea, yea, we want the big bucks. If you notice some guests aren't participating, create a checklist and attach it to the hat. example " I noticed (first name, last name) you didn't put anything into the hat, probably was a mistake, here is the hat again. Don't forget to make eye contact and smile.
For actual realistic advice visit Affordable Weddings to learn how to cut wedding cost that won't cost you your wedding. -Susan Wilder

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  1. Loved the tongue in cheek humor. The photos are gorgeous! Good work. blessings, Amy


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