Saturday, November 27, 2010

How To Get Rich Slowly Online

"Imagine waking up every morning and finding orders waiting for you in your e-mailbox. While you were sleeping, customers from all over the world were giving you money. And you don't have to do much at all, because your computer does all the dirty work for you and then deposits money in your bank account - all without lifting a finger. 

It's like having your own perfect money-making machine working for you tirelessly day and night.

Think about having your car payment taken care of..

Think about your mortgage getting paid off...

Think about your bills and debts disappearing..

Think about some extra spending money for vacations or cool gifts and gadgets.. "

This is an introduction page for Yanik Silver's book, Moonlighting on the Internet. Yanik Silver is a serial entrepreneur although he still considers himself a 'techno dunce'. Starting from his one-bedroom apartment and with just a few hundred dollars, Yanik has built multiple 7-figure businesses. He is the author, co-author or publisher of several best-selling marketing books and tools including Moonlighting on the Internet, Instant Sales Letters® & 34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs.

Apart from a spirit-lifted success story in the Moonlighting on the Internet, he specifically covers the 5 proven ways to make an extra paycheck online every month.
1) Information product - We can have every information we need on the internet this day, and all for free. So how could we possibly sell information to make a fortune online. This is cover in the Part 1 of this book. How to figure what information to sell, where to evaluate your ideas and how to create your HOT offer.

2) eBay - eBay registers 3,000-4,000 new users every hour and this site gets more searches than Google. If you thought that eBay is only a place where people selling off junk they didn't want, you might be wrong. In Part 2, you will discover more about eBay. Everybody has to understand why people buy on eBay. This understanding will help you to find the right products and set up your own business.

3) Affiliate marketing - This is an exciting way to make money if you have a limited time.  Finding an affiliate program use a simple trick. Before selecting a program, do ask yourself, is the company reputable? There's a way how to ensure a company's reputation. Rosalind Gardner is a famous and successful affiliate marketer online. She shares how she get started together with her precious tips in the Part 3 of this book. My favorite discussion is how to drive traffic to the site and how to promote the affiliate program.

4) Yahoo! Store and E-commerce Stores - In Part 4, you will read about Yahoo! stores. For record, Yahoo! shopping network attracts 13 million shoppers to its portal everyday. With your own Yahoo! stores, you can be right in front of these customers when they're ready to buy. But as simple as it sound, you need to know the simple trick how you can get started, from creating your store logo, licensing to competition game to win.

5) Blogging -   This is the final part of the book. You spend your leisure time blogging and you love doing it. And I am sure you will love it more when you know you can create money from your hobby. Where the money coming in for bloggers? Direct income like advertising and sponsorship or indirect income like consulting and writing gigs. There are few points include on how to be a  quality blogger in this section. The quality is not a must but at least it will provide some clarity so you can make a smarter decisions about how to start blogging and keep your readers coming back.

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