Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Smart 6 Money Value For Buying Jeans

Jeans are so popular. Wearing the right pair of jeans for your type of figure will dramatically make you look great. They are casual, stylish and can be worn for just about any occasion or event.

Genetic Denim has introduced five, cargo-inspired styles to the Fall 2010 Women’s Collection. Rendered in Tencel Cotton twill, the new signature cuts range from narrow to exaggerated boyfriend. The fabrication retains a polished drape, evocative of the luxe, soft denim the brand is known for. 


6 Tips to buying jeans that value for your money:

1. Get the right size, we as women have a thing with buying clothing one size smaller, this fine but with jeans you want to make sure you are comfortable.

2. Try them on before buying it will not only save you time but gas as well.

3. To catch your favorite jeans on sale sign up for a newsletter to get the discounts and bargains.

4. Make sure the zipper works properly and there are no loose buttons.

5. Check for any snags, tears, stains and even odor. Sometimes people that try them on are not as clean as they should be.

6. Jeans are so cool; it is good to have a variety of them with the right pair you could learn to love your body shape.



  1. Stopping from Mom Loop! I just bought a pair I love. They fit me like no other pair I have tried. I feel great in them.

  2. Hi,glad to see you stop by here. I cannot fit into my old jeans anymore. i think, this is a sign that i must diet to shed the extra kilos.

  3. Howdy from Mom Loop! I have found that I can get top brand, good fitting jeans at the thrift stores for only a few bucks. I look great and NO ONE can tell the difference (except my pocket book).


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