Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to Make Money While You Sleep

When was the last time you saw a sunrise? or a sunset
You rise early in the morning to get your things done fast. Be at home very late at night to catch the deadline in workplace.
You don't even notice if the sun rise from the west, perhaps.  
Busy. Busy. Busy. To best describe your life.
Or the definite description is money, money and money.

I remember one of my friend said, only the rich man is sitting and watching the sun rise in the morning. To explain this, he said that rich man no need to work hard. He is rich, free and hence nothing to fill his leisure time, all he do is waiting for the sunset.

Whatever your opinion about this, I do believe that everyone dreams a life like that. Money comes rolling down on our own feet. Imagine. Sit lazily on the couch, worry not about anything because everything is provided. Like a king. But the true things is rich man not getting rich by sitting lazily on a couch. He works for it. Even thief works to get rich fast. But stealing other people's hard earn money is so uncivilised. There is no way to get rich fast except work and work. But still, there are a way to make money while you sleep.

1) Investment
Invest into a proverbial fixed deposit, but yeilds are low. Another option is dividend stocks. By owning a stocks or shares in a company you are entitled to your portion's of the company's profit. But like any investment, there are risks involved. Do research before you put your money there. Stocks that have shown promising growth in the past can usually be trusted to contiue providing good dividends.

2) Take advantage on your talents
If you enjoy taking photograph, do not let it sleep in your hard disk. Let them make some money.You can cash in your taking-high-quality-photography hobby. Join micro-stock agencies like Shutterstock.com to sell your photograph. Your photograph will parked there, and the image remains on sales as long as there is a demand for them.

3) Dig in Rental   
Asset put money in your pocket, while liabilities take money out of it. Asset give you a positive cash flow. The clue is the received rental must be higher than your mortgage, taxes, maintenance and expenses. The first key to get a good price is always buy a property below the market value.

4) Search the Internet
If you have a skill, or knowledge or experiece that will inspire others or solve other people's problem, write an e-book and sell it online. The key point is the content itself. It is normal if your e-book doesn't work. Preseverance is important. If it's not work, move to the next e-book.

5) Franchising Business
Franchising is where people are paying for your idea of business operation. Learn 7 easy steps to make a strategic plan for your business.[CLICK]

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